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Christos' morals and STVS Studios' environment for everyone

Billions of people on earth and even more differences. Life on Earth, the ISS and other places might be chaotic at times, but still statisfying.
There is an inherent potential in letting all people of any walks of life try and improve themselves and others.
But there might be a situation near you, that isn't as prosperous than you believe.
Social problems, like many kinds of unjust ruling, incidents from the past (you probably know about those...) and discrimination, are really annoying. Kinda sucks, doesn't it?
Solving those problems, fighting back and promoting positive values is something everyone should do, including me. But i'm not screaming though...

Welcome on STVS Studios' presences. Everyone is welcome here, as long as you don't intentionally annoy or harm me. Please sit back and remain calm.

This flag is not tainted by any kind of politics, extremism or activism, no matter the orientation! Please don't misuse this image for such purposes.

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Everyone is a victim. Thinking 'Group X has X-privilege' might result in nothing. We don't need more enemies!

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I appreciate your stay, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

Everyone is welcome here, as long as you don't intentionally annoy or harm me. This also applies to ostracised people. Please sit back and remain calm.

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I will NOT hunt you or your belongings down!

I know, how to defend myself, and save others, from misdemeanors, even if i'm the enemy. I will NOT hunt you down! Most inclusive people are often peaceful and will NOT hunt you down as well. Cancel culuture is real, doesn't accomplish positive change and is used by every group and every movement. It's a nuisance.

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I'm NOT an activist! I just want's to engineer!

Me, and of course STVS Studios, would like you to have mindful moments with yourself and others. I know, it's depressing and difficult nowadays, but remaining quiet in some situations might be better for your mind...

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I'm NOT perfect either!

Based on my own recollection of my past behaviour, i might have uncomfortably approached up to six people (back then, i was a minor or a adolescent...). I believe, i DIDN'T commit outright disastrous and disgusting acts. (It might be sus, but i really don't like commiting mistakes.)

Fortunatly, most of my mistakes of any kind are often accidental and not intentional. I still want to improve and make at least something different than other people, in a similar situation.

That's why i'm exposing myself. I'd like to warn others before anything worse can happen. The Christos from the past is not the Christos of today!

I'm trying not to commit uncomfortable and illegal behaviour towards people. Report mistakes to me and to the authorities (not Twitter), if you want to see some actual positive change.